New phone

Thought is make a new post on my new HTC legend phone.

I haven’t posted anything in a while since ice been busy with work and hanging out with friends.
I am still currently finishing an online course and currently work full time at Canada computers. Driving to work is a pain since it is 50 or so minutes depending on traffic.
I’ve slay beef hanging out more with friend. So I have had little to no time to with on my side project is re doing this website from scratch.
Back to the new phone. I got a new phone. Thud HTC android phone runs the 2.1 android software. Hopefully it will get the 2.2 update so I can play around with the jit compiler.
So far typing on this is similar to that of he iPhone where the sup correct kicks in to try to help you type faster. I still sometimes have to back space before i typed too fast or the spell check didn’t add the correct word.

The phone itself is awesome. Better than I thought. The HTC sense UI is very cool. And the 7 screens make cusomizing awesome.
Though I wish it had re 1ghz snapdragon processor. And more RAM. Other than that this is awesome. I will include a more in-depth review of check unit next week with pictures. It won’t be done on that phone tho. That would just take too long. Haha

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