20 hours later… Mass Effect 2 finished

Thats right. 20 hours of play time on Mass Effect 2, the game that just came out on Tuesday and I finished the main story line of Mass Effect 2 + a few side missions. Got my Character to level 27 and completed a few dozen achievements in the process

All I can say without spoiling much is this game rules

If you continue, there will be spoilers

The game starts off a few weeks after your battle with the citadel but you don’t really get to play yet. The Normandy is attacked by an unknown race, later known as the Collector (Who are actually Reaper controlled Prothean). The ship gets destroyed and you get blown away into space saving Joker. You technically die during that encounter.

2 years later you find yourself alive again thanks to an old enemy the Cerberus who spent billions of credits reviving you to health. The station gets attacked and you escape obviously. You the find out you are brought back to life to save the galaxy again from the Reaper threat. Illusive Man, the man in charge of Cerberus tells you to assemble a new team to fight the Collectors. Y

You then run around the galaxy looking for recruits on a list the Illusive Man made and you do side quests. I won’t go on much but this game takes a while to beat.

The ending leaves off in a cliff hanger for the next Mass Effect. We might finally be able to fight actual protheans in that game. :p

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