To WOW or not to WOW

I canceled my subscription the day I got back from my winter break. But since I’ve been charged an additional 3 months the subscription does not officially end till April.

Reason why I quit was cause it was getting boring. There wasn’t much to do at the time. But the new patch are adding new stuff to it and I’ve been logging on every so often to run quick raids with random people. My friend said I should transfer to his server to raid with him on a weekly basis.

I’m highly considering taking up World of Warcraft again when I have nothing to do and transferring servers to his server since I’m guaranteed a raid position. Now is it worth spending 77 dollars every 6 months. The I’d have to pay 25 dollars to transfer realm. lol

Content Patch is going to include new raids and new crap and more time to waste! W00t!.

I’ve only started playing world of warcraft in like september. and power leveled to 70 then to 80 when lich king came out. so I’ve never done classic and BC raid except to karazan. Lich King raids I’ve done all cept full naxx and eye. I’ve ran through all the northerend instances tho. both normal and heroic. :p

I’ve spec ret paladin cause i suck at the game. but i have decent gear, tho not the best. It does it’s job until I can get better gear.

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