That’s right. I started playing WoW. For those who might now know what it stands for, it means World of Warcraft. A MMORPG that came out in 2004. I currently have a Level 70 Ret Paladin Spec and thinking of changing it to either Prot or Holy. I’ve pre-ordered Litch King and will be leveling my character to 80 with my roommate. haha

Maybe create a Death Knight character afterwards, who knows. It’s a fairly decent game that deals with alot of social interaction (yes, i know you can do that in real life, but i bet you can’t cast magical spells with your hands in real life, or weld a huge ass sword, axe or mace without getting into some sort of legal trouble. :p)

I’ve been playing it quite often now since in residence there is usually nothing to do. So this game is more of a time killer. If i find something better to do then I wont play WoW (no, homework unfortunately is not something I would classify as something better to do. lol)

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