Dual Display on Vista

There seems to be spreading an issue of running dual display under vista which has been causing alot of problems for alot of users. Since this seems to affect both nvidia and ati users, I’m not going to specifically point fingers, but I am using an ati video card at the moment.

The issue of running dual display under vista is, it crashes the system, sometimes it would work fine. The Video Processing Unit (VPU) would randomly stop responding triggering a VPU recovery to attempt to restart the service. Normally this would solve the problem, but at times it would go through the VPU recovery cycle 4-5 times before the operating system finally giving up and fail completely with a blue screen, hence crashing the user’s system.

I haven’t used a nvidia card for a while now so I don’t know when this problem started for them (driver version wise) but on the ati side the problem has been present since theirt Catalyst version 7.7 which was released last year in July. So it’s been well over a year and the current driver version, 8.9, still experiences this issue.

This made me come to a conclusion that either the graphics company just simply don’t care about this issue and that it’s not a big deal to them to even bother trying to fix it. OR they have tried and there’s nothing they can do about it and that the problem lies with Microsoft and that THEY are too lazy or dont care about fixing this issue. Either way, this problem has been persisting for far to long now.

The weird thing about it is, this issue seems to only happen from a cold boot or a restart triggered by applications that require restarting after installation or windows update. If I do another restart right after windows restarts. The video card doesn’t do the whole VPU recover thing. Also, this seems to happen when I’m on desktop using normal applications like firefox and itunes. Not those killer 3d games or benchmarking software. Just normal desktop applications. My video card is ATI Radeon HD2900XT running at stock speeds and using the stock cooler. The temperature is 69 degrees, I think its a little high but the graphics processor is designed to withstand hotter temperatures than that.

I did a little research on this issue on Google and found that quite a few forums also has topics about this and I am not the only one that’s suffering from this problem. The problem only affects people running dual display. As much as I hate this problem, I also don’t want to have to ditch the second monitor and go back to single display since I got too used to using dual displays. Switching back would be weird and hard.

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