Windowblinds hates me, me thinks.

I have used windowblinds for my XP system in the past but had yet to use it since upgrading it to Vista. This was like over 2 years ago.

So today I decided to use Windowblinds again, instead of installing it on my main machine. I thought I’d use it on my XP parallels partition. There’s no reason for it as to why it’s not working. but with my luck. It refuses to work. So I finally gave up completely and uninstalled it. It’s running XP Service Pack 3. And I installed the trial version of Windowblinds. And a good call at that. Otherwise I would have really been pissed off. Paid 20+ for a software that refuses to run on my virtual environment. unacceptable. :p

Windowblinds. You have failed me for the last time!

Heres the problem. I installed. It installed, it told me to reboot. I clicked yes, it rebooted. It loaded windows, I log in. All the startup applications run. But wait! Windowblinds pops up a message. A reboot is required! (thought I just rebooted), okay. I’ll reboot again. same processor. log off, restarted, log in. Windowblinds pops up again. You need to reboot your machine! and the cycle continues. windowblinds claims i need to reboot after i finished rebooting back into the system. I did this cycle maybe 5-10 times, cause theres nothing really to do here right now. lol but yea. I eventually gave up on that and said to hell with Windowblinds.

I just felt like posting this. Probably will catch the attention of a specific person I shall remain nameless (but you know who you are. ;))

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