Almost that time once again…

It’s almost time again to go back to school and for some odd reason I am actually looking forward to going back… 😮

I move back into residence on the 24th of this month and will find out who my roommate is and what room number I have. But hopefully if my request is granted I should know who my roommate will be this year. I will be living in T building, suite style room with 2 rooms sharing 1 semi-private bathroom instead of S or R building where its dorm style room sharing 3 common washrooms.

My timetable for semester 3 is interesting to say the least with my least favorite day being Monday.

I have a total course load of 6 course this semester, possibly 7 if I add COMM313 into this semesters timetable.

but so far I am taking

GAME251 – Framework Programming. From the title, since there doesn’t seem to be a course description on the website. Should be dealing with Microsoft’s .NET platform. This appears to be a new course as its intended as a second semester course. So second year students will take it in their 3rd semester which is this coming one.

GAME320 – Requirements Analysis and Process Modeling. According to the course description, this course seems to be about business requirements for a computerized system. Not quite sure that that means but I will find out when I take the course. lol

GAME330 – Game Computing 1. Technical Term for more Math as I already took 2 courses of math last year. (Numeric Computing and Game Dynamics). This semester it looks like we are dealing with linear algebra, sound fun?

GAME340 – Foundations of Game Programming. This course title seems self explanatory. Basically an introduction to the fundamental concepts of game programming.

GAME350 – Organizational Climate and Behaviour. I tried reading the course outline, seems confusing. Mostly about organizational structures or something. But it looks like there will be quite a few guest speakers for this course.

SCIE020 – The Universe in a Lab. This is a General Education course, hence it doesn’t use the GAME code. I originally wanted to take astronomy but they didnt offer it for my module. They better do it next semester. This is slightly similar to it I suppose. Talks about space, thats all I’ll say. lol

COMM313, If I end up taking it this semester is Technicial Communications 2. Its a liberal studies courses. A.K.A College Englisg Part 2. You learn how to write technical documents.

My timetable is as followed.

GAME251 – Monday 12:40pm-3:20pm
GAME320 – Friday 9:00am-1:30pm
GAME330 – Monday 4:20pm-8:00pm
GAME340 – Tuesday 9:00am-10:45am and Wednesday 12:40pm-2:25pm
GAME350 – Wednesday 9:00am-11:40am
SCIE 020 – Thursday 12:40pm-3:20pm

The good news is all my classes except monday’s end before 4. I get to sleep in on Monday but I dont finish class until 8. But probably I’ll get out of class before 8 comes. I’d probably end up skipping some of the classes that day but its math. If I skipped I’d probably be screwed like Game Dynamics 1. But then again, until classes start the time table is not 100% fixed yet. I’ll update my timetable page with the most updated timetable if or when there’s a change. Which usually doesn’t happen. But I still need to add COMM313, That wont happen during welcome week as I have to go to the office in person to add the course.. :S

Packing starts on Wednesday!! lol. That will be fun.

2 Replies to “Almost that time once again…”

  1. I didn’t get to make my own schedule. And since this course is fairly new I don’t even thing they have multiple classes for each course available, haha. There aren’t that many students in the program anyway.

    but yea, I would much rather have short classes. The rest of the week is fine, Just Monday is the crappy day thats all. and its not that weird.. :S

  2. The universe one looks cool. I took Astronomy as well as a Life in the Universe class, they were both pretty awesome. I always liked planetary sciences, sucks I dislike math so much, otherwise that’s where I’d be now. *sigh*

    That has got to be the weirdest schedule ever. I’d DIE having classes that long, one class a day. I much prefer several short (1-2 hours classes) a day, several times a week. I get bored really fast, they usually tend to go too slow for me.

    I kinda miss school too… 😳

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