August Update

I now have a total of 3 22″ LCD Monitors. It originally started with a Sceptre 22″ then I got a BenQ 22″, now I have purchased a LG 22″ with a pivot and height adjustable stand. I have also gotten rid of the default monitor stand for the Sceptre monitor and replaced it with a monitor stand my dad brought home from work a few years back and it is now connected to my MacBook Pro in vertical mode. The LG and BenQ 22″ are the main displays of my main tower.

Also, I have replaced the Logitech MX3200 cordless keyboard combo with a Logitech diNovo EDGE bluetooth wireless keyboard and continuing to use my G9 wired mouse as my main mouse. So far this Logitech EDGE keyboard feels great and looks really cool! And its rechargable! 😀

An updated screenshot of my Workstation as of today.


This of course is all about to change in 2 weeks since I move back into Humber residence on August 24th and all that is probably coming with me to residence. HAHA

and a Picture of my new keyboard


The only downside I can see right now with this keyboard is the fact it lacks a number pad, however it includes a cool circular trackpad which acts as a monitor so I can actually use this as a remote to control the computer from my bed. 🙂 and I’ve gotten used to using laptops so I can live without a number pad.

I would post my current desktop screenshots of both the MacBook Pro and my desktop, however they go on a rotating wallpaper so the wallpaper changes every 5 minutes. hehe but my Main desktop has ObjectDock installed as well as DisplayFusion Pro which I actually paid 10 dollars for, so far the application is working pretty great. Going to play around with the hotkey features sometime next week when I no longer have to wake up early for work. :p

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