Fido to sell iPhones, Rogers iPhone plans announced

Fidos, a gsm based phone service that was bought by Rogers a few years ago, has announced it too will be selling the iPhone under the Fido brand. Though ultimately it’s still Rogers.

On other news, Rogers announces their iPhone plan. Though its not what I was hoping for, the data allowance is too low in my opinion. But here are the official data plans.

Rogers iPhone 3g Voice & Data Packages
Monthly $60 $75 $100 $115
Weekday Minutes 150 300 600 800
Evenings and Weekends Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data 400MB* 750MB* 1GB* 2GB*
Sent Text Messages 75 100 200 300
Additional Weekenday Minutes (per minute) $0.35 $0.35 $0.25 $0.15
Additional Sent Text Messages $0.15 each $0.15 each $0.15 each $0.15 each

*Additional data charges are $0.50 per MB for the first 60MB. $0.03 per MB afrerwards

Other essential plans such as Call Display, Who Called, more send text messages, Caller Ring Trax, call forwarding minutes and early evening calling is 15-20 dollars more.

*Update. Forgot to add. There is also a $6.95 charge for “system access fee”. Also it appears you are not limited to only iPhone plans. You can pick voice and data plan available on their website. As well as you do not have to buy Data plan (although it would make the iPhone just another cell phone without data plan) Without a data plan, using the 3g network costs 5 cents per kilobyte or 51 dollars per megabyte. so it would be best to buy a data plan.

Also the announcements of the plan has triggered and uproar in potential iPhone customers in Canada creating A site created around a petition to rogers to make the plans more fair and comparable to AT&T’s plans and pricing. So far over 30 000 users have signed it. All it needs now is for Rogers to cave into the demand and lower prices on the iPhone AND include unlimited data.

Rogers has also updated their pricing plans to include unlimited local calling in the first 3 months.
keep checking Roger’s iPhone plan for up to date plan details

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