Which notebook should I get?

I’m planning on getting a new notebook before school starts. This time I want one with a discrete video card so I might be able to play some games at decent frame rates. I have narrowed it down to 3 choices. ASUS G1S-A1 15″ Notebook, ASUS G2S-A1 17″ Notebook or Apple MacBook Pro 15″ Notebook.

The reason why I’m calling these as notebooks instead of “laptops” because 15″ an 17″ laptops generally weight in excess of 6+ pounds.. and with discrete video cards, they will tend to run on the hotter side and are usually meant more to be a Desktop Replacement notebook than a “laptop” you use on a lap.. :p But I’m not looking for a laptop.

The first choice is the ASUS G1S-A1 15″ notebook. Its powered by the updated Santa Rosa based Core 2 Duo which means it has a faster front side bus, a more updated core architecture and uses Intel’s AGN wireless card which supports Wireless A/B/G and the new Draft 2.0 of Wireless N. This Laptop also includes 2GBs of RAM, 160GB SATA Hard Drive and uses the Core 2 Duo T7500 which operates at 2.2Ghz. 15.4″ display supports 1680×1050 resolutions and comes with a DVD Burner, 1.3M Web Cam and Windows Vista Home Premium. Graphics is powered by nVidia’s GeForce Go8600 GT with 256MB Discrete (I believe it also uses “Turbocache” which uses the PCI-E bus to share memory from the system memory The notebook costs $1989.95 before tax.

The second choice is the ASUS G2S-A1 17″. All in all it’s exactly the same as the G1S-A1 notebook, same video card, processor, RAM, Vista Home Premium, 1.3M Camera support for A/B/G/N etc etc. The only thing that differs this notebook to the other one is the fact its a 17″ laptop and not a 15.4″ laptop. so its bigger and weights more… The resolution on this would depend on what kind of display it uses. There are 2 versions. WXGA+ supports a resolution of 1440×900 while WUXGA supports a resolution of 1920×1200 so the latter is the preferred choice for me.. as it offers more screen real estate. The cost however is $2249.95 before tax

Both of these laptops support HDCP compliant ports and comes with an HDMI port and VGA port (I think there are HDMI to DVI adapters if you’re planning on connecting an external monitor which doesn’t support HDMI.) Both comes with a gaming mouse (Logitech MX518) and a Gaming Backpack. and as do all OEM laptops, bloatware (Bloatware means useless trial software that comes preinstalled with the laptop.. and the most useless of all is a trial version of Norton Internet Security 2007 >_< The third choice is the Apple MacBook Pro. They already received the Santa Rosa upgrade which means all the MacBook Pros comes with Core 2 Duos which have a Front Side Bus speed of 800Mhz.. This is one expensive notebook, If I do get the mac book.. I'm still deciding if its worth the extra 600 dollars for 40more GB storage space, 128MB more video card memory and 200Mhz more in clock speed. Since it already includes 2GB of RAM. theres no need to add more money on more memory. so stock prices are 1999 for the cheapest MacBook Pro with C2D 2.2Ghz Processor, 2GB RAM, 120GB HD, SuperDrive (DVD Burner), and 8600GT with 128MB VRAM. The second 15" MacBook Pro costs $2599 and comes with a C2D at 2.4Ghz, 3GB RAM, 160GB Hard Drive and 8600 GT with 256MB video RAM. Another problem that comes in play if I decided to get a MacBook Pro, I originally wanted to get it because Leopard was suppose to be launched in spring. Which now it has been moved to sometime October.. If I get this notebook now it would only be preloaded with OSX Tiger. And that I'd have to spend 100-200 dollars on Leopard and do the upgrading myself. Since I've never owned a mac computer I don't know whether or not the upgrading process is hard or not.. and Since I want to get this before school starts. October's release date is out of the question. On the other hand. MacBook Pro would be able to use Boot Camp and boot between OSX and Vista/XP while it is illegal to use OSX on a non mac computer. If I get the MacBook Pro, I'd get all the cool features of the Mac and still have the ability to use XP/Vista to do gaming and use applications which only work on Windows... Another downside is this is the most expensive notebook out of the 3... I plan on making the final decision by the beginning of August so that gives me approx. a month to 2 months to decide which one I should get. I am also planning on getting an external display somewhere along the lines of a 20-22" widescreen display since 24" are still above 600 dollars.. lol.. So I'm like putting down 3Gs on 2 items... :S

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