My first week at work…

Yes.. I’ve finally found a job. Its not a programming job but its close.. I test the program making sure all it’s functions are working properly. I work at a company called Strategic Connections as a Quality Assurance Analyst. So far it has been a week since I’ve been working there and so far its gone pretty well, I think. The first two days were sort of slow as we were getting trained on how their system works and how we should be conducting each tests. After that we got to work testing the programs. We worked on Manifest which dealt with managing a large number of contacts. There were alot of tests cases which took a while to do but they were done by the end of the week none the less..

Its now the second week and I’m starting to test another part of the program.. Called Lead Management, LM. So far I have little understanding of the system, hopefully it will get better.. :p

The weekend was a weekend I’ll probably wont forget in a long while now. I went to Anime North 2007! Dressed up as Naruto’s Blue Beast, Rock Lee!! :p Tho I’m not sure why hes called Konoah’s Blue Beast when clearly hes wearing a green outfit.. LOL anyway. There were alot of people there and alot of picture request.. I already found a few sites that had pictures of me dressed up as Rock Lee… (Not this one.. haha!) if you would like to see these pictures. Some are on facebook. 🙂 The hotel had to be the worst part. It’s probably like 0.5 star or 0 star hotel.. Situated right in the middle of an industrial area.. lol. but I think it was the only hotel available as most of if not all the hotels around the convention was already full.. Next year I hope it would be better as I learned the hotel “Doubletree” where most of the panels took place, is a part of Hilton hotel and I’m hopping i can get some kind of discount on it.. :p Oh well Anime North 08 won’t be for another year anyway.. Long time to plan. haha!

I’d put pictures on here, but I just don’t feel like to right now as it’s like 12:08am!! Think I’m going to bed now.. haha! after this episode of Death Note.. (Which I think is pretty cool.. ^_^).

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