Semester 2 Finished!!!

Just finished my last exam today for the Semester of Winter 2007!! Don’t know the marks yet, hopefully they aren’t horrible.. :doh: DBS exam was alright, I’m pretty sure I did pretty well on the INT exam. As for English… meh.. 😆

But the good news is school is finally out!! There fore until September 2007, which is in 5.5 months (give or take) I’ll be bored out of my mind unless I get a job.. haha! Anyway to some site related news. As you might notice the color is a bit different, and for Mozilla users, I think this also affects all Gecko based browsers. You’ll notice the Corners are rounded now. Other browser users will not notice this however and since I’m a firefox user. I recommend using Firefox.. :p Over the next couple days to weeks to possibly months.. I will probably be playing around with the color and possible design of the blog a bit.. depending on the mood of the day of course.. 😉

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