Star Trek Legacy: Beta at best

So I’ve been following on the development of this game since i heard about it on gamespot sometime march-april 2006. The screenshots provided made the game look good, so I decided to buy it when it comes out. First impression (based on the screen shots on gamespot) made the game look really good. The graphics looked good.

I got it a few weeks after it was released for around 49.99. Went home and installed it on my computer and played it. The graphics looked good, played it on my 22″ widescreen @ 1680×1050 pretty well, as my video card is a radeon x800 pro, still a decent card, but I need to replace that soon if i want to play UT2007.. lol

Anyway, gameplay however was a completely different story. It’s hard as hell to play the game. You control the ship with the FPS style WASD keys and you fire pressing the CRTL key. All is good until you press CRTL + S. if you press that you’ll have to go to the Menu by pressing ESC which to your surprise, you actually saved a game. but the game does not have a load feature (at least non that i can see). The scrimmage isnt really a scrimmage. I haven’t tried online mode, but playing against bots, you can have a total 4 players (3 AI + you) if you have all 4 players on the field you can only control 2 ships, if its 1 vs 1 you can have 4. either way its not a fleet of ships.. its pretty much smaller than a battle group.

This game is not worth buying, even for the trek fans.  This game is way to damn buggy to play and the gameplay is average at best.   It’s nothing compared to Star Wars Empire at War!! 🙂

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