New Desktops

Since I don’t change my desktop much… Unlike someone I know… (You know who you are.. . :shifty:) I don’t really need to give these posts much of a creative title.. hehe

anyway. Since I finally decided to format my dell and split up the 60 evenly into 2 partitions. 30GB for Windows XP Professional and 30GB for ubuntu 6.10 linux. I reinstalled both and reset everything… It was a long 3 hours but it was done nonetheless.. 🙂

My Laptop with Dual Boot
ubuntu screenshot

ubuntu screenshot2

Windows screenshot

The machine known to me as Prometheus (Check my “About-Me” page for full system specs if you like ;))

Windows Screenshot2

3 Replies to “New Desktops”

  1. Ha ha ha, very funny. :glare: What can I say…I get bored easily. :whistle: That or I have too much time on my hands, oh well.

    And to think, people call ME a nerd! You named your computer after a ship from Stargate! LOL. BSG owns Stargate btw. :yes:

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