Busy Week!!!

This week is probably going to be the busiest week this semester.  I have an Programming test today, followed by an English test.  After that are Semester 2 Course selections.   via SIRIS from 3-4..

Tomorrow I have an IOS test from week 6-10.   Then a ULI Quiz tomorrow.  Oh yea, tomorrow….  the ULI and IPC assignments are due..  I have the ULI one pretty much done.  But I’m no where near close to finishing on the IPC144 assignment.  Make a single player battleship game using c language.. lol.. I know so experienced computer science students (namely Harold Li) is should be easy, well  I’m still rather new to c and I have no idea what I’m doing.. lol…  anyways back to work.. :doh:

2 thoughts on “Busy Week!!!

  1. exams are boring in general.. :p and :thanks:. same with you too! Maybe after your last exam we can celebrate no more school for the rest of the year (even if its just that 3 weeks.. lol) and/or ur birthday? hehe 🙂

    and yea.. that emoticon is quite cool ^_^

  2. studying for exams is incredibly boring :glare: ah well… 17 more days for me until x-mas break *sigh* hehe.
    well, good luck on all of your exams!
    hehe…that emoticon is awesome. i

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