Dual Boot Dell…

So after hours of trying to figure out how to set everything up.. its not up and running!! My Dell Inspiron 6400 is now dual booting between Windows XP Home and ubuntu 6.10 x86 linux!!! the wireless works.. the screen resolution is normal and everything is just peachy.. lol The wireless took the longest to configure as I forgot I had upgraded their based wifi card to a ABG supported wifi card.. (basic option comes with regular Dell 1390 wireless card which supposes only b and g signals.. I upgraded mine to Intel’s Pro/Wireless 3945 which supports A, B and G signals.. (not pre-N) lol so i’ve been trying to configure the driver for the wrong damn adapter!! :doh: oh well.. all is done now and its working normal now 😀
Going to see if it works well @ school especially for ULI101 even tho the semester is like almost up.. haha! Oh well.. its just for fun anyway. Worst case would be to restore the computer with a ghost image.. hehe.. My ubuntu is installed on what used to be dell’s hidden recovery partition.. shhh i’m not suppose to know about this partition cause its for dell’s recovery program in case i need to restore windows if i screw it up (I know how to reinstall XP or repair the o/s so recovery partition can kiss my ass! lol.. its like 3GBs so my linux partition is that big.. with everything configured.. I have like less than 700MBs free space.. I’ll be using my external hard drive for the storage like always.. and since not much games are supported under linux.. i think i’ll be fine.. lol.. as for my windows partition.. nothings really changed there. still has that 23GB free space for more games.. but How the hell can i game with integrated video card.. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950!! lol..

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