Biggest launch event in gaming history!

Playstation 3 launched on Friday November 17th and Wii launched yesterday, November 19th!
Two major consoles launched within 1 week! This has got to be the biggest launch event in gaming history.. lol Playstation 3, priced at 549CDN and 649CDN while Nintendo Wii at $279 for only the console. The playstation 3 stole most of the attention. In the states there had been almost a dozen PS3s stolen due to armed robbery. Some customers waiting in line for the Playstation were mugged and had their money stolen. All this trouble just for a gaming system.. 😮 outrageous I’ll say.. lol. The playstation 3 isn’t all that stable yet anyway. There are reports that the software is buggy and it seems a similar situation to the 360 launch happened. Problems for the end user. lol

Nintendo Wii game out yesterday. Stores such as Best Buy and Future Shop went on a first com first serve basis. so no pre-orders were allowed for either system. People would camp out in front of the store days or hours before the launch date. I don’t plan on getting either Playstation 3 or the Nintendo Wii until at least I have the cash and they have the problems fixed. Nintendo might not have any problems or much problems with the Wii. (Hopefully). for Sony will have problems with their Playstation 3 system as they’ve already been reported.. lol. The Nintendo wii system looks pretty cool.. original games and the motion sensitive controller.. the wii-mote! lol could act as a pretty cool fun in some games.. which might be a good thing. Playstation 3 however has some games that interests me. Such as Devil May Cry 4, Gran Turismo 5 (not too sure about HD considering its purely online apparently.. and you have to pay extra to collect their entire car line up and tracks.. :doh:) I also want xbox360. for the Halo games.. HAHA! Halo 3 and Halo Wars.. Yes i’ll admit.. I like the Halo series. I’ve played Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2. Read the Halo trilogy books and the recently published, Halo: Ghost of Onyx. Anyway. If I had the money, which system should I get first. its a showdown between “Microsoft XBOX360″,”Sony Playstation 3”, and “Nintendo Wii” which one would it be? also note that both Sony Playstation 3 and XBOX360 requires HD capable display to reach its full visual potential as it supposes 1080p. where as Wii only supports 480p.. lol

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  1. Well initial stock was suppose to be around the 400 000 but then it was but in half by some unknown reason.. at least not one I know of.. lol

    so how is your nintendo wii ? :p

  2. i heard that only 400 000-500 000 ps3 systems were produced or something… is that a rumor? lol. i’m no good with this stuff…:P my parents don’t let my bro buy nintendo systems or else he won’t do his hw…although we have the old old sega…haha… he just plays computer games instead though…lol. if i’d choose though, i think the wii sounds kinda neat…hehe…
    and it’s good to hear you had a fun b-day celebration with your cousins! 🙂

  3. So I was tired when I typed this…. it was like 1am in the morning.. :S

    I’d get a wii if I had the money.. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten the Nintendo DS Lite and gotten the wii instead.. lol

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