Semester 2 Courses…

Window opens for course selection on November 30th, 2006 from 3:00PM to 4:00PM to ALL Computer Studies student.. thats 1000+ students logging onto the SIRIS to pick next semesters courses.. lol.. WTF!

anyway. My courses are as followed..

IBC233 – iSERIES Business Computing

OPP244 – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

INT222 – Internet 1 – Internet Fundamentals

DBS201 – Introduction to Database Design and SQL

LIBXXX (Liberal Studies Elective which I pick from a large list of selectable courses.. explained later)

and of Course, since I was put in a non credited EAC149.. I’d have to take EAC150.. the credit of English required to graduate.. :doh:

total to around 21 hours a week of school instead of the current 24 hours a week of school.. and since I get to set my time table.. I’m going to try to get at least 1 day rest from school (this does not include Saturday and Sunday btw.. lol) hopefully either Monday or Friday so I get long weekends.. ^_^

The Liberal Studies courses is my main concern right now, since the rest are mandatory courses for this specific program.. the only one course I get to pick is this Liberal Studies course.. lol so yeah. Theres a page worth of courses that may or might not be available at my Campus, as Seneca has like 5 – 6 major campus.. S@Y, Newnham, Markham, King etc etc… I cant get into any of the writing course, cause I dont have the required EAC150, nor do I want to write.. lol

Natural Science: The Universe sounds interesting.. it deals with Science of Astronomy.. Space! lol

Theres also Photography.. I took grade 11 Photography at St E.. but I didnt take Grade 12.. but If I cant pick Natural Science, I might pick this instead.. It looks fairly interesting.. hehe

There are some that look really weird.. like theres a “Witches and Witch Hunts” Course.. :S just by looking @ the title it looks like its one weird ass course.. but then again.. never judge the course by its title.. lol

Then there are Political kind of courses such as “Current Issues in Canada” , Modern Social and Political Thought” and who cant forget about those Psychology and Law courses.. lol oh well still got 3 weeks to go? lol

also my Exam Schedules are already posted . IPC144 on December 11th at 4:30-6:30… followed by EAC149 on Dec 12th at 9 to 11. ACP100 on the same day at 4:30-6:30.. so I’ll be on campus from a little before 9 to a little after 6-6:30 :doh:… IOS110 on Dec 13th, 11:30-1:30 and finally ULI101 on Dec 14th, 11:30-1:30pm.. after that THE SEMESTER IS OVER!! hahah

P.S 5 days till my birthday! ^_^

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  1. I would read this whole entry, but i really should study my neuroscience, 2 finals a day ? same… hahahaa.. 2 chemistries a day.. 9-12 then 7 to 10… 7 hour gap beat that ! hahahaa

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