Nintendo DS, WII or nothing?

hmmm… I’m thinking of getting DS Lite, but i already have PSP, so i dont know if its worth it or not.. lol…  DS Lite costs like $149.99 and apparently theres going to be a 10% discount this weekend at Futureshop..  If i were to get it, it would either be this weekend or whenever they have a sale again? or if prices drops low enough? lol

The Mario games like Mario 3 on 3 looks like a fun game, and as you all know Mario games are exclusive to Nintendo systems.. lol..  I hear DS has wifi support too, which sounds cool..  haha!

On another note, I might get Wii sometime before or after Christmas, but certainly not  on launch date.  I hear its going to be like $279 on launch date, maybe there’ll be some sort of sale during christmas time?   like a christmas sale?  haha!  maybe i can get it then, but the thing is.. I still dont know what games I’d get for either systems that good enough to worth me spending this kind of cash for..  I did that for PSP and I don’t play it much..  well   Gran Turismo Mobile is still not out yet, That would most likley be the main game i’d play when it comes out and when i get the time to actually buy the game!   lol

but IF I do get DS Lite, It’d probably be the Onyx Black or Pearl White maybe the same kind of colors for WII IF or when i get it..  i just dont think the other colors look nice with the rest of my room.. haha!   and for sure i’m not getting it in Pink, (besides my sister already has a pink DS Lite)  :p

One thought on “Nintendo DS, WII or nothing?

  1. hehee yeah …besides from crammin’ for midterms this weekend i have thought about gettin’ the NDS lite or Wii…. will i actually play it is my

    when i know the answer i’ll tell u

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