Laptop finally arrives!!!

Well, it actually arrived on Friday afternoon, but I’m just posting this now cause I had 2 days to play with it.. :p

The laptop I got was a Dell. (yes ITS A DELL!!) the Inspiron 6400. a 15.4″ Laptop which weights about 5-6 pounds.. it features Intel’s Core Duo T2050 1.66Ghz CPU with 2MB L2 Cache and 533Mhz FSB, I believe this model does not feature Intel’s VT, tho I could be wrong? The display was upgraded from standard 15.4″ WXGA to WSXGA+ UltraSharp with TrueLife (whatever that means.. lol) but the resolution is changed from being 1280×800 to 1680×1050, it features 60GB Hard Drive (it’s mainly for application files, documents and files would be located on a removeable 120GB notebook drive I got today @ Tigerdirect (for the enclosure) and CanadaComputer (for the drive). Memory wise, it features 2GBs of RAM (promotion of that time was free upgrade from 1GB to 2GB.) It comes with a DVD Burner, wireless (obviously). and unfortunantely. it only features Intel’s GMA950 video technology, upgrading the laptop with a video card like a Mobility X1300, X1400 or GeForce’s Go 7300TC wasn’t worth 100+ so yeah. I’m using Integrated Graphics Card, It can handel old games pretty well. Playes CS @ 1680×1050 without any lag, plays UT2004 at that resolution with settings @ normal without lag.. and plays CNC Generals Zero Hour without lag as well, so at least I have a few games I could play during my break in between classes.. :p
With a DVD Burner, I can not only play DVDs, I can also burn DVDs too.. 🙂 The laptop comes with 4 USB ports, and a firewire 1394a (firewire 400). have yet to see a laptop (besides the macbook pro with firewire 1384b (firewire 800). it also comes with a slot known as the “ExpressCard” slot, audio and mic jack for headphones. and Media buttons located at the from of the laptop.

The speakers from the laptop are quite good, so you dont need to use extra speakers for better sound, tho you might still need headphones when you’re in public places, like a school library, class etc etc.. The battery life on this laptop is really good, its also been upgraded from the standard 6-cell to the optional 9-cell battery. With the screen brightness set to second lowest, and browsering the web via IE or Firefox, Windows’s battery meter shows estimate of 5-6 hours of battery life left @ 80%. was able to get 1-2 hours out of the battery @ 30% left. The battery meter showed 40mins of battery life left when it reached 9%, so that is much much better than my old laptop which is a toshiba A70 which featured i think a 6-cell battery and a desktop processor (and it was used, so yeah)..

This Laptop has Windows XP Home, I’m pretty sure the stuff I do at school doesn’t require the level of Pro, but I could be wrong. If I do need Professional, I can always download the free copy off Seneca’s download database (since I’m a Seneca student in their Computer Studies program, I am entitled to a free copy of XP Pro) 🙂 and I’m pretty sure its legal as well.. ^_^

The keyboard is pretty easy to use, it comfortable to type on for long periods. :). The trackpad and button are nice and big, but its been set to disable whenever a USB mouse is pligged in. that way it can save some power, tho i doubt it’d make a huge impact on battery life.. :p Right now, I’m using a standard logitech optical mouse for the time being, at least until the Logitech MX518 I ordered from NCIX arrives, which I’m hoping would be tomorrow, as I DID order it via ExpressShipping (1 to 2 business days) and Friday was the first Business day.. :p

The laptop did come with some rather unneeded programs, but I’ll live with it installed on the laptop, most of the startup programs is displayed tho, to make the startup sequence go a little faster, installed all the software I need to keep me entertained during my free time etc etc. and a Trial version of Office has been pre-installed on my computer which is pretty good, but I’ll most likely be using Office 2007 Beta when the trial runs out..

I’d take pictures of the laptop, but I just don’t feel like to right now, and I’m pretty sure if you’re really interested in seeing how the laptop looks like, just go to Google images and type in Inspiron 6400, I’m sure you’ll get an idea of how it looks.. :p

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