Wal-Mart keeps Samtack alive! lol

So Saturday was suppose to be my regular routine, Wake up in the morning and watching the Stargate episodes I download the day before, This Saturday was different.  I HAD TO WORK, rush order for Wal-Mart.  Was suppose to be an 9 hour job.  9am to 6pm,  (at least until the order was finished.)  There were 4 orders.   1 to their Cornwall warehouse, the second was to their calgary warehouse, a third to their mississauga.  The forth one I wasn’t sure where it’s going, but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is, the quantity about the order, which was nearly impossible to do in the time alloted..  8 53″ frighters of orders were given on Friday evening and is to be shipped out monday morning..   8 frighters.. (the longest type as well), we’re talking about nearly 200+ skids (if you dont know what a “skid” is, they are products that are placed in a platform which a pump truck or a fork lift can lift hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of products (usually around 40-50boxes))
7 people stuck labels on each box, 3(sometimes 4) people wrapped the skids, 2 (sometimes 3) people would be driving the fork lifts moving the box down from the shelves…

time we left was : 12:00am

so 15 hours worth of work. and only 3 of those hours are 1.5times rate >_< so yeah, ALOT OF FUN :doh:.  wrapping skids involved us using plastic wrapping paper and running around the thing wrapping it to the top (these things pile up 11 boxes high, so its pretty damn high)  and we had to do this 200+ times divided by 3 which means 1 person did 66boxes.. so yeah, 15 hours of work...      lol

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