Why pay 49.95 when you can get it free ? o_O

This is the weirdest thing. So today I went to TigerDirect to get a DVD Burner for my MCE. When I get there they were selling a NEC ND3550A DVD Burner and eTrust Internet Security Suite thats bundled for 36.99 (126.99 before the 90 dollar mail in rebate). $20 for the DVD Burner, $40 for both the DVD Burner, $30 for the ISS softwar (yes you need to go into OnRebate and claim 3 different rebates in order to get your $90 in total.. :p) anyway…

Thats not the point. I just installed ISS software on my dad’s computer (ISS installs.. eTrust Personal Firewall, eTrust EZ Anti-Virus eTrust® PestPatrol® Anti-Spyware, eTrust® Anti-Spam). Everything went well, it finished installing successfully like it’s suppose to, restarted the machine. After rebooting the machine, it started the configuration. OK. nothing wrong there, everything is already installed.. BUT when it came to configuring the Firewall, thats where it surprised me.. The configuration loked familiar, like I’ve seen it before. It finished the Configuration and opened up their Personal Firewall. Its looks exactly.. or should I say, IS Zone Alarm Pro. right down to the interface, its Zone Alarm Pro only difference the brand. Did a search on google and it confimed my assumption. eTrust EZ Personal Firewall = rebranded version of ZoneAlarm Pro. So this is what makes me think. You want Zone Alarm Pro. Why pay 49.99 for that product when you can get it next to free if you gotten the eTrust Personal Firewall (You can get it at TigerDirect. US Site has it for free, $29.81 with a $30 MIR. Canadian Site has it $37.81 with a $30 MIR so thats 7.81CDN after rebate for a rebranded version of ZoneAlarm Pro which costs 49.99US…


See for yourself


Everything looks exactly the same (besides the anti-virus thing, the firewall is up to date and the learn more thing) everything else looks exactly the same.. haha (I did not take these pictures, I found them on google. So I don’t take ownership of these images.)

If you still don’t believe me, look up “eTrust Personal Firewall” and compare it “ZoneAlarm pro” and you’ll see what i mean :p

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  1. Gah, $127 for a dvd burner? 😮 I got the same burner for $35 from newegg, granted it didn’t have all that junk bundled with it (not like I need that crap anyway), but damn. :zipped:

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