Windows Defender is being stupid

So Windows Defender is scheduled to do a daily scan of the computer.. what confuses me the most is.. the scheduled task is set @ 2am. but it seems like windows defender has a mind of its own.. when i’m playing a game.. it scans the computer @ 1:30am. if i’m not playing a game on the computer.. it scans the computer @ 2:30am.. so talk about going off schedule.. so whats the use of using a scheduler if the program doesnt use it properly.. o_O

and this should be a feature.. before scanning the computer. make sure no games are running. cause they simply just fuck you right up..

you’re in a middle of a fight with an enemy.. and all of the sudden your taken to your desktop and you have to wait like a long time to find out why you were brought to your desktop. it turns out a program is running scans. they made programs to scan when the computer turns on if it missed its scheduled task. why not devise some code that checks to make sure no games are running before doing a scan. run the scan after the game is closed.. that would be a great idea.

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