Stupid Rogers Internet

So my internet connection is from Rogers.. most of my friends who uses Rogers (that are somewhat computer literate) all hate Rogers for their bandwidth cap. 60GBs up AND down per month. (which i can easily exceed without trying, so now i have to resist downloading and uploading more than a combination of 60GBs) lol anyway thats not why i’m typing this.

So Rogers has like 5 different service plans.. (High Speed Extreme, Express, Lite, Ultra Lite and one I’ve never heard of before Portable Internet.) Obviously I would be one of those people using the Extreme Service as it allows the fastest internet. OR so they say…

heres how it does..

Extreme (the fastest) is 6mbit down/800kbit up
Express is 3mbit down / 384kbit up
Lite is 1mbit down / 128kbit up
Ultra-Lite is 128kbit down / 64kbit up
and the Portable is 1.5mbits down / 256kbits up

so remember, i’m supposedly using the Extreme Service. thats 6mbit down and 800kbit up.. unfortunantely, my download speed is no where near the advertised speeds..

download off microsoft’s http site at around 300-400kilobytes per second.. that only translates up to 2.4-3.2mbits per second (so thats 3.6-2.8mbits too slow) before downloading off microsoft’s http site starts @ 1 megabytes per second and slows down after a while…

then the speed tests.. speakeasy gives me anywhere from 100-500mbits per second.. shows 1mbit per second.. so much for 6mbit down speed.. >_< why cant Bell Sympatico High Speed Ultra be available in my area.. my friend who lives litterly 2 streets south from me gets their service just fine.. i so happen to be 2 streets too far.. >_< stupid Bell.. 🙁

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