Doom 3 movie came out on DVD today and I got it during Third lunch today. Got home watched it on my computer, it was okay. It was different from the game

*Warning* Spoilers inside… proceed with caution…

Doom 3, the game, starts off with you in a space ship heading towards the U.A.C facility on Mars and the trouble doesn’t start until you located the missing scientist when a portal generator fails and transport martian ghosts into the facility and infects everyone. The movie starts off as an experiment gone wrong and the scientists are the ones that causes the problem and theres a facility on earth that tranports people to mars instead of traveling by ship like in the game. The Rock is in the movie and his team is sent in to retrieve U.A.C property and possibly Search and Destroy. The BFG, officially known as the “Bio Force Gun” but The Rock called it “Big Fu*ken Gun” instead, it was only shot twice in the whole movie. They find out that the scientist generically created a new chemical called C.24 that has 2 different affects on certain humans, Turn them into super human or turn them into the living dead that feeds on other human. John Grimm, played by Karl Urban, was injected with the C.24 by her sister Samantha Grimm, played by Rosamund Pike, and was turned into Super Human. The Rock gets bitten in the neck by a mutated human and was also turned into Super Human.

There was also the 5 mins of First Person mode where we see the through the eyes of John Grimm. He runs around looking for his missing sister, and killing all the monsters he sees on. It was alright but weird.

Overall the movie was alright..

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