Conquer Online 2.0

A friend of mine is in love with this game.. So I decided to try the game out.. First time playing it was a horrible experience.. got killed within 5 mins of going ito the game.. cause apparently I was attacking another player at a place where I wasn’t suppose to so I got killed by the guards.. lol

Second time I played this game (a few days ago) was a bit better…
got myself to level 9.. then Marco came into the game and started showing me around the place.. and PLeveled me to level 17.. played a bit today now at level 18.. lol

while he is at level 112 >_< oh well..

The logitech G15 keyboard is perfect for CO2.. as, according to Marco, its best to make hotkeys for the game.. hence.. 18 programmable keys.. * 3 different modes.. = 54 different hotkey settings..

I’m pretty sure thats more than enough for CO2..

anyway back to the game..

The game isnt a high tech game.. most computers can run it.. its a MMORPG game.. 2D.. so its not so CPU demanding or GFX demanding.. nor Memory demanding.. :p u can apparently run up to 2 clients under 1 machine. which supposedly is useful, i’ll find that out when i get used to the game.. lol its confusing tho.. unlike most games i played where i picked up also instantly (mostly FPS, RTS etc etc) and sometimes Turn-based strategy games..

anyway.. thats it for now.. 🙂

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