Thats just perfect…..

Computer’s been working perfect 5 months ago.. Was planning on it working fine until my next upgrade sometime next year…

but my Western Digital 160GB Hard Drive decides to end its life early.. Was watching a movie this morning, the file happens to be on that drive, when all of the sudden I hear a click noise and the entire system went from decently fast to slow as hell. So I restarted the computer, it DID go into windows but took 3 times longer than usual. When I got in, the keyboard wasnt responding.. So I had to do this reconnect shit on the hub, restarted the computer again.. waited a couple mins for it to get back into windows and the keyboard was working fine again. Until I noticed some programs like avedesk wasn’t starting (before I checked, I had no idea the HD was really dead, just though it was.) Anyway.. As usual avedesk WAS setup in one of the partitions of the dead HD.. so were all my games :doh: H and I drive were the 2 partition from that 160GB HD. split up equally into 80GB each. All the game icons were missing etc etc.. So I went into My Computer and notice those 2 partitions were missing. Turned off the computer made sure all the plugs were secure.. But nothing. Went into Disk Management in the computer and it wasnt detecting the HD at all.. SO I can’t back up the data on either of those partition. All my WordPress files, Battlestar Galactica files are gone now :doh:

Luckily my Anime files and Stargate files are on the other Drives so.. :p but bad thing is now I need a new Drive.. Planning on getting 1 250+GB External Hard Drive for all my videos.. but they are just so damn extensive.. 🙁

Now to add that to the list of stuff I need to get. Laptop, More RAM and now an External Hard Drive.. Now HOW the hell am I going to save enough money for all those when I’m jobless.. o_O

2 thoughts on “Thats just perfect…..

  1. Aww that really sucks Dan, I know how it is though. Couple years ago my hd bit the dust, no actually the whole pc bit the dust while I was in the process of backing everything up in case it ever happened (it was a vicious paradox, the act of trying to back up in case of an event is what actually triggered it). :doh:I didn’t really get anything backed up, only old backups. I lost all my mp3s and can’t remember what else I had.

    Looks like you might want to seriously start looking for a job to get some money for all that stuff. 😮

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