Well today I decided to play Half-Life 2 again.. Since I did buy it and never really got to finishing up the game… so I loaded Half-Life 2 assuming everything should work perfectly fine.. BUT everything went wrong when the game wouldn’t load.. and froze my computer.. So I restarted the computer to try again..

This time it loaded into Half-Life 2. so I set the resolution smaller, thinking that was the problem and loaded a new game, first time it loaded there was no sound at all.. So I quit the game and consulted the STEAM’s knowledge database, found out some people had problems with the 5.1 sound setting.. So I went back into the game changed the settings to 2 channel sound (even though i have a 5.1 sound system from Logitech, the Z-680) , Clicked applied and sound came back. Loaded up a new game.. and this time it froze at the loaded… :doh: so I forced the computer to restart since it somehow froze the entire system. Got back into Windows and tried again.. This time it loaded and the game was running.. Okay so I thought the game was going to run fine..

When I was playing.. the sound sounded a bit weird, thought that wasnt an issue.. BUT then the game crashes again during game play and freezes up everything once again… NOW this time I finally gave up since its no use. Whatever I do the game still crashes and I can’t play the game.. So here I am Writing about it, wasted 70+ dollars on HL2 but I can’t play is :doh:

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